Cold-Pressed Cooking Oil Spray
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Cold-pressed Gingelly Oil
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Cold-pressed Groundnut Oil
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Deepam (Dhiya) OIl
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No Wastage

Easy to Use


400 Sprays

4 Calories per Spray

No Propellant

Easy to Carry


Cost Effective


Less Oil Usage

No Preservatives

Vaalga Cooking Oil Spray

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What is it? How to use?

Though the spray cans are popular and well known for their use in perfumery, medicinal, chemical products, packing healthy genuine edible oil as spray cans may amuse many of us.

This demo video should help the consumer to have a better understanding about our Vaalga Cooking Oil Sprays and their uses. 

It wouldn’t steal your valuable time much. Why wait? Watch Now!!

Vaalga New Sprays - Now Available!

As we deliver quality premium cooking oil products, we foresee a demand for some new products that could benefit the consumer in many ways. 

Our R&D team has added up two new edible Spray products (Premium Coconut Oil Spray & Premium Ghee /Clarified Butter Spray ) in the production and they are available now.

Try them NOW ! 

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