Vaalga Gingelly Oil Spray


Vaalga Gingelly Oil Spray (200ml)

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Vaalga Gingelly Oil Spray

  • Rich in Unsaturated fatty acids [Oleic acid and Linoleic acid and good for healthy heart.
  • Rich in Saturated fatty acids and act as antioxidants.
  • Having high smoke point and hence used in deep fat frying.
  • Contains sesamol a very good antioxidant and extend the keeping quality.
  • Contains Vitamin E and K, and good for health.
  • Rich in natural fragrance compounds [Aldehydes, alcohols and esters].
  • Rich in sterols and steroids which are good antioxidants and good for health and extend the keeping quality of oil.
  • Contains Squalene, a terpene compound and good for skin care and helps in anti-aging.
  • Reduces Cancer risk on humans.

Buy 100% Natural and Fresh Gingelly Cooking Oil Spray

Buy Gingelly Cooking Oil Spray that preserves all the genuine qualities of 100% natural Gingelly with nothing else: no fillers, additives, or preservatives. Our product has a delicate, nutty flavor with a low smoke point and lots of health benefits.

It’s ideal for worry-free kitchen usage, whether seasoning, cooking, or frying. If you are looking to switch to a keto, vegan, vegetarian, or another plant-based diet, then nothing can be better than the inclusion of our Gingelly Cooking Oil Spray in your lifestyle.

Gluten and Cholesterol-Free Gingelly Cooking Oil

Designed for healthy eating, our all-natural Gingelly oil spray is non-GMO, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and promotes healthy living by providing strong omega-6–9 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. So, there’s no need to feel timid about spraying our Gingelly Cooking Oil Spray onto finished foods for a beautiful appearance as well as great taste.

One Gingelly Cooking Oil Spray and Multiple Health Benefits

The Gingelly oil in our Gingelly cooking oil spray contains Omega-6 and Omega-9, which contribute to maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels. The oil also contains an elevated quantity of minerals, among which magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium and is rich in linoleic and oleic acids.

Natural Skin Care

Moreover, Gingelly oil is a natural anti-inflammatory solution, suitable for the treatment and protection of skin. So, Gingelly cooking oil spray is particularly beneficial for skin since it is rich in antioxidants, which help fight the action of free radicals.

Manage Hypertension

If you are looking for natural ways to control blood pressure and fight arterial hypertension, then you must order Gingelly Cooking Oil Spray since it can be a great help in your constant fight against hypertension.

Fight Liver Toxicity and Cures Kidney Damage

It is worth noting that our Gingelly oil functions as a chelator agent against heavy metals, which are generally not digested and hence accumulate in the body. It may help battle liver toxicity and kidney damage in situations of intoxication.

So, replace your cooking oil with a better healthy option of cooking oil. Order Vaalga Gingelly Cooking Oil Spray right now!


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